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Updated at: 2022-03-15. collects data generated by the visitors to other websites. Therefore it is crucial to be transparent regarding what data we collect and how we process it. In a nutshell, sitestats does not store any personally identifiable information of your users.

Do not track

If the user has activated the do not track option on his/her browser, we only store the time, page visited, and referral, if any. By definition, this information is completely anonymous and thus cannot be regarded as tracking.

IP Addresses

We do not store the IP address of your users. We only use the IP address to calculate the approximate location of your visitors if you opted in for that feature.


The user agent is the information regarding the browser and operating system of the visitors of your website. We only store the type of device used (i.e. mobile phone, PC, etc.), the browser brand (Firefox, Safari, etc) and the operating system family (Ubuntu, Windows, etc.). By not storing versions and build numbers we prevent storing any personally identifiable data of your visitors.


We provide location information through GeoLite2 database. In order to avoid information leakage, we store the database locally and only keep the information of the country of origin. This makes it virtually impossible to trace back the identity of a user based on their location.


If provided by the browser of your visitors, we store the referrer URL, including the domain and path. In this way we can provide you with details of the provenance of your visitors.


We store accurate timestamps of when the visit happened. Page & Queryset We store the page visited and the queryset provided. This enables us to identify the utm_source and other keywords that may be relevant.

Screen dimensions

We store the width and height of the screen of the visitors of your website. This will allow our users to make smart decisions regarding the design of their pages.